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Our History

Public service has always been a big part of our family behind the scenes here at Lanier Municipal Supply Co., Inc. We have always kept the betterment of our community and nation in mind whether it be from service to our country through the armed forces, service to our community through social services programs and education, or through providing material for our nation’s water and wastewater industry.

Family businesses are finely woven into the fabric of America, and we like to think that our family business here at Lanier Supply has helped to maintain that ideal, however big or small our contribution has been.

Lanier Supply: The Early Years

The origins of Lanier Municipal Supply Co., Inc. began long before it’s incorporation in 1978.

Heyward Watson, a native of Lanier County, GA, served as a Private in the U.S. Army in World War II and would go on to graduate from the University of Georgia after his enlistment ended. From there, he held multiple positions in Lowndes and Lanier County as a county extension agent and as a salesman in the insurance industry through Horace Mann Insurance Agency. During this time he would meet and marry his wife Betty Bell Watson.

Betty was a graduate from Georgia State Women’s College which would later become Valdosta State College and then, Valdosta State University. Betty also held multiple positions in Lowndes and Lanier County in social services through the Division of Family and Children Services.

In 1965, Heyward would go to work in sales for Southern Meter and Supply Company, and it was there that Heyward would be introduced to the water and wastewater industry.

After 13 successful years working with Southern Meter, Betty and Heyward decided to start their own husband and wife business team. Lanier Municipal Supply Co., Inc. was incorporated on September 1, 1978 outside of Betty and Heyward’s home in Lanier County, GA and consisted of Heyward managing sales, Betty managing finances, and part time help delivering material.

New Additions and The Future

While Betty and Heyward were starting their business in Lanier County, Bridget Watson, their only daughter, was graduating from Valdosta State University. During her years at Valdosta State University, she met Richard Corbett who also graduated on an ROTC scholarship. They were married soon after and left for Laughlin AFB in Lubbock, TX where Rick would start his pilot training program.

After an 8 year career as an F-15 fighter pilot and T-37 and T-38 instructor pilot in the United States Air Force, Rick would retire in order to take over operations of Lanier Municipal Supply Co., Inc. in 1986. He has been President of the company for 30 years working alongside Betty and Bridget. Rick and Bridget’s sons Brandon and Chris Corbett also work in the business.

Lanier has grown from the original husband and wife business team into a 3 branch operation with locations in Savannah, GA, Panama City, FL, and the original location outside the home of Betty Watson in Lakeland, GA with sales ranging from North and South Carolina to Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Our Goal

Lanier Supply makes customer care and service our number one priority, and has done so since 1978. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the best quality products available in the industry, providing as much information and specification on our products as possible, and by servicing our customers as quickly as possible. Please feel free to contact us with the variety of methods listed on our website.

We look forward to doing business with you soon!

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